Adam Trager

(That's me!)


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2011–2015

B.S. Games and Simulation Arts & Sciences, concentration in Human-Computer Interaction. Ok grades.


Staff Software Engineer, 2020–Present
Senior Software Engineer, 2019–2020

Literally writing the book on conversational marketing.

Senior Software Engineer, 2018–2019
Frontend Developer, 2017–2018

Escaping a sinking ship

User Experience Consultant, 2016–2017

The enterprise solutions of yesterday, today!

Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge
Director of Adventure Education, 2015

Led a lovable band of misfits in not dropping children from cliffs. Considered a vasectomy.

Sodexo USA
Workflow Analyst, 2014

Sodexo wanted to make their catering event management software better. I said I had an idea. They said they were interested. I said it would cost money. They said they weren't interested.


I can do some neat stuff with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I know Vue and React like the back of my hand but I made this website with Pug and not a day goes by that I don't regret it. Node is cool. NET isn't cool. Bears shit in the woods. I used to be a UX designer so I've got some strong opinions about UI. If you're around me for more than two minutes you'll probably hear them.